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Since its establishment in 1998 and especially over recent years, the main activities of UAB „Rimansta“ - the areas of the company’s specialisation - have included renting semitrailers.

As semitrailer rental has fully served its purpose, since 2014 we have also launched livestock trailer rental.

The goal of UAB „Rimansta“ is to ensure high level services and to maximally satisfy customer needs. As a result, we devote a great deal of attention to the quality of customer service and continually invest in the quality of offered services (rented semitrailers and livestock trailers), the renewal of the product range and the provision of maintenance services.

Semitrailers and livestock trailers are available for rent throughout Lithuania. Our company’s long lasting experience not only allows us to provide good quality semitrailer and livestock trailer rental services but also to offer competitive prices.

Semitrailer Rental

Semitrailer rental is a rational and advantageous solution for freight and manufacturing companies that export their goods under the conditions of the contemporary dynamic and unpredictable market.

Having a full understanding of the needs and demand of the semitrailer rental market, we constantly renew the range of rented semitrailers and increase their number. At one time we can offer our customers to rent the number of not less than 20 units of good quality semitrailers made by German manufacturers just a few years ago and adjustable to practically all makes and colours of semitrailer trucks.

  • The semitrailer rental fleet consists of conventional semitrailers manufactured by prominent German companies Krone and Schmitz between 2006 and 2010. It is necessary to note that both companies continue to improve the manufacturing technologies, functions and design of these semitrailers on a regular basis.
  • All vehicles conform to cargo transportation requirements imposed by the European Union.
  • Semitrailer rental includes complete maintenance and insurance.
  • Rented semitrailers are technically acceptable and fully prepared for use.

Livestock Trailer Rental

Livestock trailers were added to our semitrailer rental fleet in 2014. Livestock trailers are durable and secure, fully prepared for livestock, including cattle, transportation and have all Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, which allow the carriage of livestock in particular.

The competitive and experienced team of UAB „Rimansta“ is always ready to answer our customers’ relative questions. We welcome your inquiries.
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