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Semitrailer Rental

We rent good quality, durable and reliable semitrailers made between 2006 and 2010 and supply prominent brands of long-lasting German manufacturing companies Krone and Schmitz under favourable conditions and at favourable prices.

We offer only high-quality semitrailer rental services and professional customer service.

We are straightforward and flexible with our customers.
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Technically Acceptable Semitrailers

  • Our rented semitrailers have valid insurance and Technical Inspection Certificates, and are suitable for travelling abroad.
  • Semitrailer rental includes complete maintenance and insurance, which means that we can devote all our attention to the main activities without worrying about the condition of rented vehicles.
  • The cargo can be loaded onto all semitrailers from the sides, from the back or from the top.

Semitrailer Rental Period

  • The semitrailer rental period is counted from the date of collection to the date of return (by days) after signing the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate.
  • We offer a flexible semitrailer rental period: from 1 day to 1 year with the possibility of extension.

Semitrailer Rental Rate

  • The semitrailer rental rate is fixed and negotiable individually, according to the customer’s needs and the rental period. A lower price is available for a longer rental period.
  • Semitrailer rental fees are evenly distributed for each month and payments are made only to one supplier once a month; there is no need for a large initial contribution - you save money on the vehicle fleet.
  • A Rental Invoice is issued once a month (on the day when the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate is signed).
  • A security deposit of € 600 is required for each semitrailer.

The semitrailer rental rate includes:

  • CASCO insurance;
  • regular compulsory third party insurance;
  • semitrailer registration and re-registration;
  • vehicle user charge;
  • technical inspection;
  • repairs;
  • warranty service;
  • handling of insured events;
  • replacement of worn-out tyres with new ones.

The semitrailer rental rate excludes:

  • franchise of CASCO insurance.

When the Semitrailer Rental Agreement expires, the vehicle is returned to UAB „Rimansta" and a new semitrailer can be purchased or rented – this is how easy and quickly you renew your vehicle fleet.

The renter can purchase a semitrailer from UAB „Rimansta“, once both parties agree on the appropriate price.

By selecting semitrailer rental services from UAB „Rimansta“, you will be able to respond flexibly to all transportation market changes and to devote all attention to the main activities without worrying about the condition of rented vehicles.
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