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Livestock Trailers
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Livestock Trailers

Livestock trailers and their rental offer an irreplaceable opportunity at the time when animal, including domestic livestock, welfare standards are becoming stricter and pastures are rapidly moving away from farms.

Livestock trailer rental is a well-timed solution provided by UAB „Rimansta“, which fully satisfies the needs of renters of these trailers and which we are fully prepared to meet.

Nuoma puspriekabių ir priekabų gyvuliams pervežti. Visoje Lietuvoje.

UAB „Rimansta“ offers livestock trailers which conform to all the technical requirements of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union, therefore livestock can be transported in all European Union countries.
  • Livestock shall be loaded onto trailers easily and without causing stress to it.
  • Livestock and cattle shall be comfortably transported inside a trailer.
  • The body of the livestock trailer shall have a tilt or a roof providing protection to livestock against environmental exposure during its transportation.
  • The design of the trailer body shall incorporate composite wood panels reducing the level of noise so that livestock would suffer less stress and accustom to a new environment easily.
  • The interior of the livestock trailer body shall be fitted so as to prevent leg and body injuries resulting from the sharp edges of the trailer body.
  • Our rented trailers have non-slip floors that prevent livestock from slipping and injuring its legs. A special, easily-cleaned, rubber floor mat ensures that livestock will be prevented from slipping and transported safely.
  • Livestock trailers shall provide the possibility of transporting livestock both loose and tied according to the need.

Therefore, when selecting a livestock trailer, it is necessary not only to take into consideration that on a frequent basis a smaller service price does not redeem damages suffered in relation to livestock injuries or deaths during its transportation but also to assess the situation from a human perspective, i.e. to protect livestock against torture and pain.

UAB „Rimansta“ offers high quality livestock trailers which are fitted so as to ensure livestock safety.
  • All trailers are technically acceptable and have valid insurance and technical inspection certificates.
  • Trailers have veterinary permits for animal transportation.
  • Favourable and competitive rental rates are available.

By choosing our services of livestock trailer rental, you will not have to worry about the safety of transported animals. Should you have any questions about livestock transportation and livestock trailer rental, please do not hesitate to inquire, we will kindly answer your questions and provide consultation.
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